Verify Income

Every day, millions of people spend most of his life on the Internet. And, finally, they come to the conclusion that the Internet is not just a place for entertainment or information retrieval, but also a place where you can earn a nice even novice who has no special knowledge! Yes, sites offering a lot of real earnings, but the practice shows real working companies are much smaller. So how do you not get lost in a sea of information and understand where You can really earn and where you are just trying to fool? Here are three ways of checking the company on payment: 1) The opinion of the target audience of this company. Whatever may lose too much time, and almost immediately start make money online, it is necessary to find reviews of people who have tried to make in this company or this service. And it should be not one, not two people, and at least ten. Otherwise you just zataschat to earn you with referrals or other benefits. Shorter on you will simply make money. Well, if you find a lot of positive feedback, it means only one thing: The campaign has the real authority in the network up and running is no longer the first year. Well if the reviewers will be drawn from various sources, ie from various sites.

Geographical location of the owner of the company. Usually, people wishing to remain anonymous in a global network make us a lot suspicion. That is why it is best to ask the owner of this resource to contact details: address of residence or any – any other data confirming the validity of the individual. In the extreme case even a paid services that can find the location of the person on the mobile phone number. 3) The popularity of the company. The popularity of the company also plays a not unimportant role in the verification of reliability. If this service is quite popular and has a decent visitor traffic, it means only one thing: This service is fairly reliable. You can verify this by looking at the counter the popularity of the site, or if not, then again use search engine and look in the issue of rankings. It is best if it falls into the top ten sites. Here are three criteria in my personal opinion check your selected resource reliability. Use these techniques in practice and This will significantly reduce your risk of being cheated.

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