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The truth, that the Readministracion constitutes a new model proposed by Wesley Bjur Professor of the University of Southern California in the United States of America and Geraldo Cervantes, Professor of the federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil, who wrote the book La Readministracion in action: execution of changes geared to success, not only presents a rich theoretical construction scholars organizationscomprehensive and up-to-date, but it also raises a method to carry the praxis issued concepts, so that you can achieve an improvement in the Organization studied against previous approaches, the readministracion, considered the following aspects as critical elements good management: the need to understand the context, the importance of a mission and clear objectives cultural, political and legal environments. Considerations concerning human resources and their development. Obtaining of socially relevant results. If you are not convinced, visit Samsung. Prof. Francisco Pineda on the importance of the Readministracion says that university administrators must make use of it to organizations to safe destinations, towards ports firm and stable since it is a useful tool to develop administrative strategies and achieve organizational survival. Not the slightest doubt, highlights Pineda, that would be very useful to the application of this modern administrative theory for the Venezuelan case.

, where ignorance of the Administration has been to be the mother of many evils: corruption, improvisation, poor decision-making, inefficiency and public and private organizational inefficiency. This must be corrected by that in Venezuela the specialists in administration want it do, and the toderos claim to be specialists in all, including the administrative activity. All this has led to improvisation as a norm of action to make things and especially for manage with much disorder organizations both private and public, especially these last it is fraught with a scary bureaucracy. Indicates the prof. Pineda, with which we have shared several activities, a very true statement, as it is that for many years Venezuela works the way as he has been described, with a weak, ineffective and unproductive, administration where there are a vast majority of people managing without knowing to do so, in other words, doing what they should not do, and seems a sin, on the other hand there are people who do good things if they do correctly.

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