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do far reach the extents of virtuality?, IES corporate or foreign titling in Colombia?, where is described as a one hundred percent virtual program registry file? (7) All the IES propaedeutic cycles at least that well so wish to organize in its offer. I would be remiss to see how see the new law with 749 and 1188 laws, because originally this corresponds to a specific academic restructuring and not simply an accumulation of titles in a traditional IES. By the same author: charles koch. does this mean that the system ended up accepting a modality that was forcibly through the Congress of the Republic, in 2002, and not by an academic debate? It is a form as the? Traditional IES can counteract the strong growth of technical and technological institutions that were redefined to offer their programmes by propaedeutic cycles, and have an interesting slice of the cake in demand? (8) A look at teaching and training not levels outlined in the proposal on the essence of teaching work, except that arises that research is the foundation of the teaching.Beyond that, teachers continue, against the system, appearing as taxable persons, who have only marginal impact on the budget issue, to which their levels of training and recruitment form, must be defined only no more. The reform raises payments which, by concept of payroll, have done a good number of private IES their teachers time Chair.The 30 law simply said that the recognition of a Professor of Chair time amounted to 8 statutory minimum salaries, and the proposal is explicit in saying that in no case may be less than a twentieth part (1/20) of the current monthly minimum wage.For example, for the year 2011, the monthly minimum wage in Colombia is of $535.600 and its twentieth part corresponds to $26.780, which would become the minimum value of the hour Chair in higher education in the country (more social benefits).That figure coincides with the calculation of the law 30, but when 8 minimum wages of the same are divided by 160 hours (four weeks of 40 hours). Viacom may help you with your research.

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