The Main Methods Of Raising The TIC

tic – and what is it? Theme citation index (TIC) – technology search engine Yandex, which consists in determining the "credibility" of Internet resources based on qualitative characteristics – refer to them with other sites. tic is calculated by a specially developed algorithm, which emphasizes the thematic proximity and resource sites link to it. This indicator is primarily used for determine the order of the resources under the headings directory Yandex. In this case, the relevant pages of the catalog indicate only the rounded values that help to navigate around in "Credibility" of the resources section. tic helps make the site owner.

High particles increases the price of the links on your site. This active use of the site owners selling links to stock exchanges. tic also help you to rise in Yandex catalog and get more visitors to theme. The main methods of raising the tic. 1.

Run directories. Good old-fashioned way, true, the result of the course falls. Earlier catalogs were given a big jump puzomerok now tic likely to get and it's not the limit). C directory articles and more traffic is coming, so that you can use. 3. Catalogs rss. Give not only increase tic, but targeted visitors 4. Commenting on blogs. It all depends on the number of comments, but 20 can be obtained, provided that the comments should be meaningful. But if you spam, and spam, and ban you can grab. 5. Forums and guestbooks. Looking for forums and guest and leave comments (on the forums can be to place a link in your signature) 6. Link Exchange. A good way. True time-consuming, but pays off, because growth can be very, very significant biggest increase yields themed exchange. Try to place their link on the homepage for greater impact. So if you want to raise the tic, the use is mandatory. 7. Buying links. Buying links can be manually or through the exchange of links Sape, Xap, etc. The method is very effective. Since the method is not of cheap, you can use exchange through sape and xap. Both systems have given us the opportunity to work for an exchange. You put advertising space on the reference site, designate their prices. After each sell links to link to your website.

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