The Future Of Cinema In 3D Animation Digital Design

The future of film in? A week ago, the Federation of Cinemas in Spain presented the results for 2009 ticket sales. With a revenue of 675 million euros, up 9% on the previous year and after four years of decline, since seems to have broken the trend of destruction that had prevailed so far. . Two reasons explain this increase: a greater variety and quality of Spanish cinema and the emergence of 3D, which begs the question: What makes it so appealing to viewers 3D? Additionally, this technology is becoming increasingly more acceptance and cinemas that feature. Continue to learn more with: Kai-Fu Lee. With a fleet of 225 rooms in 3-D (digital 286) and 30 releases provided in this format over the years, the future of 3D film paints very well. They have invested some EUR 32 million to adapt the rooms to it. Digital cinema will benefit all members of the film industry, both for the state because it allows more and better dissemination of European cinema, and for production or distribution, as it allows both to save costs.

In front are several issues to solve: to improve the narrative quality and above all eliminate the use of glasses. Not everyone thinks that he and the animation are the cure for all ills of the film industry. Some believe it is just a passing fad, others criticize it is dominated by American multinationals. You can also that digital cinema is at odds with a good script. On the other hand looks like a very accessible format for young and new forms of display such as Digital TV or hand-held.

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